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Visit Son islet to enjoy delicious rustic dishes
Date: 17/02/2022

Manually draining ditches to celebrate Tet is a traditional feature in Son islet every Tet holiday. After hours of manually draining ditches, the booty for the locals on Son islet are some big fish. This has become a rare pleasure amid the bustling urban area. The “trophy” is distributed among each family or used to prepare meals on the spot. Usually, people use these fish for outdoor barbecues, making use of available materials around for cooking, such as rice straw, banana leaves, lotus leaves, clay, etc.
Grilled fish wrapped in lotus leaves. Photo: Kieu Mai

Grilled snakehead fish with straw is a rustic delicacy often made by the people on Son islet and treated to tourists whenever they have the opportunity to come here. Fish is caught from fields and ditches, so the meat is very firm and sweet. Moreover, the strong aroma from the straw makes the dish very “mouthwatering”. Not only grilled snakehead fish with straw, but Son islet is also famous for its grilled snakehead fish wrapped in lotus leaves. Lotus leaves are collected from the nearby gardens, wrapped around the fish that has been marinated with chili salt. The fish after being grilled has a unique and delicious taste. The fish meat is not only subtly sweet but also fragrant with lotus leaves.

In addition to grilled fish, people here also have many other rustic dishes made from chicken, snails, and so on. Specifically, there are some other delicious folk cakes such as sticky rice with toasted sesame and peanut salt, taro cake, etc. Taro cake is considered a new kick to the menu of Son islet recently. The cake is made from rice flour, taro, coconut milk, and leaves of the magenta plant. The taste of the cake is fragrant, fatty, and beautiful thanks to taro root.

Son islet still retains its rusticity. There are many delicious countryside dishes on Son islet. Furthermore, these dishes are handmade, processed in the traditional style with fresh ingredients available in the garden. Therefore, in addition to the sightseeing experience, the cuisine on Son islet is also one of the special features that attract visitors.

Source: Can Tho News – Translated by Hoang Dat







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