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Enjoy the quintessence of vegetarian cuisine at HUU VUI Vegetarian & coffee
Date: 20/11/2022

Located in a small alley in the inner city of Can Tho, HUU VUI Vegetarian & coffee is a new place to attract vegetarian food lovers. The restaurant is designed extremely modern and beautiful with a cozy and equally sophisticated space, together with a diverse and attractive menu of vegetarian dishes.
Luxurious and cozy space of HUU VUI. Photo source: HUU VUI Vegetarian & coffee

Upholding an environmentally friendly lifestyle, HUU VUI restaurant does not use air conditioners but takes advantage of the natural airflow from the outside, combining with many decorative plants to create a cool and peaceful feeling. The vegetarian foods here are creatively refined by the owner as well as the chefs in both appearance and taste, inspired by delicious foods from home, and evoke emotions for customers that are both new and familiar.

The menu set is designed as impressive postcards. Photo source: Thien Thanh

The foods stimulate the taste buds and are extremely eye-catching. Photo source: HUU VUI Vegetarian & coffee

Vegetarian sticky rice with fragrant sticky corn in combination with many kinds of sweet and fragrant mushrooms. Photo source: Thien Thanh

The impression left on customers is the natural sweetness in the vegetarian foods at HV restaurant and all are well seasoned. The ingredients used at the restaurant are fresh and with clear origin, paying attention to the health of customers. Because of these advantages, HUU VUI Vegetarian & Coffee has been attracting diners inside and outside the city to come and enjoy.

Family visitors from Ho Chi Minh City enjoy dinner at HUUVUI.Photo source: Thien Thanh

Drinks serving area. Photo source: HUU VUI Vegetarian & coffee

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, HUUVUI Vegetarian & coffee has currently offered more services for customers to order online. The HUUVUI restaurant team hopes that the restaurant will be well received by customers and that vegetarianism will become a beneficial habit for everyone's body and mind.

Address: No. 103/5B, alley 105 (alley of Ngoc Minh monastery & Star Kindergarten) Ly Tu Trong street, An Phu ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city.

Hotline: 0939 220 613

Opening hours: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Source: - translated by Hoang Dat

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