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Chè (sweet dishes) in Can Tho
Date: 16/08/2022

In addition to attractive tourist destinations, Can Tho cuisine also attracts tourists with various delicious dishes. In particular, chè (sweet dishes) is considered a specialty not to be missed because its sweet taste leaves visitors with unforgettable flavor.
Chè cô Chu. Photo: Kieu Mai

One of the famous sweet dish eateries in Can Tho city is Chè Nguyên Đặng (No. 8/8 Mau Than Street). Chè Nguyên Đặng or Chè 100 món currently has nearly 100 different types of chè on its menu. Here, you definitely have to try a “combo tray” chosen from various kinds of chè put in attractive little bowls. In particular, the eatery is also famous for its lotus seed sweet dish with refreshing flavor, which is a nice choice for you to cool off summer days. It is its delicious taste, silkiness, gentleness, and cheap price that make Chè Nguyên Đặng more popular than others in this city. The sweet dishes here are cooked with moderate sweetness, from hot to cold (with ice), and the price is also affordable, about 10,000 VND/dish.

Chè Hữu Hòa (no. 62 Phan Dinh Phung Street) is also famous among sweet lovers in Can Tho city. This is a famous sweet dish shop of the Hoa ethnic group in Can Tho. It is famous for many typical sweet dishes, such as Bean Curd and Ginkgo Nut Dessert Soup, Chixiaodou and Coix Seed Sweet Soup, Apple and Snow Fungus Dessert Soup, Egg Sweet Soup... Can Tho people appreciate the sweet dishes of Chè Hữu Hòa. The price is also affordable, from 12,000-30,000 VND/dish.

One of the oldest chè shops in Can Tho is Chè 28 (No. 28, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street). This sweet dish eatery is more than 20 years old. Is is famous for Black bean sweet soup, Pomelo sweet soup and Tofu pudding. The sweet dishes here is very delicious which can satisfy foodies from near and far.

Recently, Mac Thien Tich street is famous for many eateries for young people, including sweet dishes. There are many delicious and unique chè shops on this street, including chè cô Chu (No. 45A), Chè và Bingsu Sam Sam Pancake (No. 41T)... In specific, chè cô Chu is famous for many dishes that can cool you down on a hot day such as chè tuyết nhĩ hạt sen, chè dưỡng nhan, chè thốt nốt dừa non, chè bơ matcha, chè dừa non lá nếp. Chè và Bingsu Sam Sam Pancake are popular among many youngsters because of their fresh, healthy herbal sweet soup and their eye-catching display.

Chè Ống Tre (No. 29 Ngo Si Lien) is also quite unique when using bamboo bowls and porcelain bowls to store chè. The main material to decorate the space of the shop is bamboo which creates a rustic feeling. Chè Ống Tre has many impressive sweet dishes such as chè thạch xanh, chè đậu ngự, chè ống tre, chè dưỡng nhan thập vị cung đình, etc. More than 20 kinds of chè are made from natural ingredients and its sweet taste comes from Palm sugar and rock candy.

In addition, there are many delicious chè shops in Can Tho city namely chè Cô Ba (no. 1B/1 alley 51 3/2 Street), chè Bi Bo (no. 151 Tran Hoang Na Street), chè Bà Hoàng (no. 164/1 Tran Ngoc Que Street)…

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat







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