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Thoi Long silkworm cake with shrimp
Date: 09/03/2024

Thoi Long Commune (O Mon - Can Tho) is famous for its trade of knitting portable bamboo traps for catching tiny shrimp. The commune is also known for its specialty associated with shrimp, which is bánh tằm tép (silkworm cake with shrimp).
Thoi Long silkworm cake with shrimp.

Thoi Long silkworm cake with shrimp is a popular breakfast dish that can easily be found at Thoi Long Market. As soon as you enter the market, you will see 5-6 vendors selling this delicious dish. Unlike other silkworm cake dishes such as silkworm cake with shumai, spicy silkworm cake, etc., Thoi Long's silkworm cake with shrimp has a unique appearance and taste. While other silkworm cakes have large, round fibers, Thoi Long silkworm cakes are small, smooth, and have a sweet taste. The standout feature of this dish, and what makes it unique, is the addition of diced cassava, stir-fried with bacon and baby freshwater shrimp. These shrimps are abundant in the flood season and have a sweet, fresh flavor. The dish is served with bean sprouts, cucumber, raw vegetables, and pickles. The pickles used in silkworm cake can be made from shredded white radish, red radish, papaya, or pickled chayote, depending on the vendor. The dish is typically served with a sweet and sour fish sauce, which is a specialty of the Western region.

Silkworm cakes used to be wrapped in banana leaves in the past, but nowadays they are usually served in plates or bowls. A plate of silkworm cake and shrimp makes for a delightful combination of colors and flavors. The white color of the cake fibers and bean sprouts, the green color of the raw vegetables and cucumbers, and the orange-red color of cassava roots with meat and shrimp create a harmonious color palette. When you taste it, you'll experience a perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors from the ingredients, herbs, and pickles mixed together. Those who have tried Thoi Long silkworm cake and shrimp will never forget this authentic taste.

In O Mon, there is a traditional breakfast dish consisting of silkworm cake and shrimp that is not only delicious but also holds a special place in the hearts of families who often make it to treat their loved ones on holidays, New Year, and during death anniversaries. To make this dish more accessible and easier to promote to tourists, a group of students came up with the idea to create dried Thoi Long silkworm cake. This dried version has a longer shelf life and only needs to be boiled or used for a few minutes to achieve 80-90% of the original flavor. Each bag of 100 grams is priced at 8,000 VND.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat







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