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The frog show of Son Islet
Date: 22/02/2024

Con Son is famous for its "unique" training of fish for tourism. This place introduces a few new tourism products with a strong countryside flavor of the Western region every year. This time, frogs have been trained to become "athletes" through a frog circus model.
Mr. Le Van Cang (left) performs a frog circus for tourists.

Mr. Le Van Cang, also known as Ba Cang, a member of the Con Son Agricultural Tourism Cooperative, and the owner of the frog circus model, said: "In Con Son, when engaging in tourism, people can 'train' familiar animals from daily life into unique models, such as fish-eating on land, snakehead fish sucking bottle. To contribute, I trained frogs to perform in a circus to enrich Con Son's tourism products. Especially, this is a summer product aimed at young tourists".

According to Ba Cang, finding and training frogs is very difficult, taking more than a year to build this model. His family searched for frogs at 10 farms, even in other provinces and cities, to find suitable frogs. Each farm could only provide a few frogs that met the criteria. Then, Ba Cang classified them to build and direct frog performance models. Accordingly, the 4,000 frogs will be directed to develop in 3 activities: performing rare-colored frogs, frog circus with athletes jumping through hoops, and frogs calling to sound.

To have rare-colored frogs, such as yellow, and red-orange... the breeding process must be enclosed. When selecting rare-colored breeds from frog farms, Ba Cang had to raise them using techniques to maintain the color and promote color development. To do this, attention must be paid to the feeding and lighting regime during the breeding process. The characteristic of frogs living in a natural environment makes breeding in a closed model also face many difficulties. However, currently, the rare-colored frog group has gradually developed according to the plan, with shades of orange beginning to appear.

For the frog circus, the frogs are trained in color movements and can jump through hoops at a height of 15-20cm. Ba Cang said: "One-month-old frogs can already jump to relatively high heights, and we have brought them out to perform for tourists. The frog choir training will need more time because it is still under training". The selected frogs for choir training are male frogs with loud calls. The frogs will listen to instrumental music, and get used to the sound of bells to be able to call in rhythm.

Currently, at Ba Cang's house, the frog circus performance has begun to serve tourists. Hundreds of frogs take turns jumping through hoops, receiving admiration from many tourists. Tourist Le Gia Bao from Nghe An said: "This is the first time I've seen frogs that can jump through hoops very gracefully and at a high height, it's very interesting to watch". Returning to Con Son for the second time, Ms. Nguyen Tra Giang from Vinh City, Nghe An, said: "I have been to Con Son twice, experienced making cakes, and visiting fruit gardens, but this is the first time I've seen a frog circus. Last time, there was no such activity. The frogs jump very high, it's very interesting to watch. The experiences in Con Son are very memorable, and I will recommend it to my friends when I return”.

The frog circus is an additional product in the multi-experience tourism product system on Con Son Island. This is also the main product aimed at children during the summer. The purpose is to help children learn about natural animals while entertaining themselves by watching frog "athletes" perform. This product shows that tourism in Con Son is always creative and adaptive, with people always finding new ways to engage in tourism with unique ideas based on familiar cultural and daily life activities. The tourism products here are therefore both unique and still preserve and promote the common characteristics of the Southern culture.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat

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