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Can Tho Food tour
Date: 15/04/2024

Food is one of the main attractions for visitors to any location. In Can Tho, the local cuisine is a major draw for international tourists. Can Tho Food tour is particularly popular with visitors.
International tourists try making hammock-shaped fine rice vermicelli in Phong Dien.

When visiting Can Tho, the Cai Rang floating market is a must-see destination for many international tourists. One of the most attractive experiences for visitors is having breakfast on the floating market. Despite being a market on the river, it offers a wide range of breakfast dishes such as pho, noodles, chicken glass noodle soup, rice noodles with grilled meat, banh mi, etc. Visitors can enjoy their breakfast on a boat in the middle of the river, creating an interesting feeling, especially when the boat moves back and forth, creating unstable waves. Enjoying breakfast on the floating market with the river scenery, and watching bustling trading activities on the river, next to the laughter of traders, is an unforgettable experience for tourists during their food tour in Can Tho City.

Can Tho's cuisine is also famous for many garden-style dishes. Therefore, in the food tour in Can Tho, Phong Dien is the destination that leaves many impressions with unique delicious dishes made from fruits, such as braised chicken with Ha Chau burmese grape, mangosteen chicken salad, rambutan salad, guava salad, and more. Additionally, there is a specialty here that is very popular among international visitors: Phong Dien hammock-shaped fine rice vermicelli. The dish has a unique name because it is shaped like the eyes of a hammock intertwined, which looks very beautiful. Visitors can experience making hammock-shaped fine rice vermicelli at the Ut Dzach facility, Vam Xang Rustic.

When visiting Can Tho, it is highly recommended to try the Southern folk cakes. This is because Can Tho is not only famous for the Southern Folk Cake Festival which showcases hundreds of different types of folk cakes, but it is also home to many skilled artisans who preserve ancient cake-making techniques. Visitors can even participate in baking experiences and make their own cakes at places such as Son Islet, Mekong Silt Ecolodge, Can Tho Eco Resort, Victoria Can Tho, and Vam Xang Rustic.

For young tourists who are looking for a more exciting experience, trying food at the night markets is a must-do when visiting Can Tho. The two most popular night markets that young people and international tourists often choose are the Tran Phu Night Market and Ninh Kieu Night Market. There, visitors can find hundreds of types of cakes, snacks, and street food that are perfect for exploring regional and local cuisine.

Moreover, the Can Tho food tour offers a unique experience with cuisine from alleys and embankments such as Alley 51, 3/2 Street, Alley 1 Ly Tu Trong, Mac Thien Tich embankment, and Huynh Cuong embankment. This brings visitors truly authentic and indigenous culinary experiences that they won't find anywhere else.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat

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