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Can Tho Tourism Oriented as Countryside Ecotourism
Date: 28/09/2016

Can Tho City has been planned to be an ecological city with its tourism featured by the waterways countryside in the future.
Can Tho develops its countryside ecotourism.

The main direction for its tourism is to exploit advantages of the waterways, resorts as well as historical cultural visits.

Ninh Kieu Quay, a famous cultural landmark in the Western South, has attracted more visitors since the appearance of pedestrian bridge. Located at a convenient position with poetic scenery, this bridge connecting Ninh Kieu Quay and Cai Khe Islet is a unique highlight on the peaceful river.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Son Ca, from Hau Giang Province, comments, “This bridge has become a unique highlight in Can Tho City since its appearance, creating an entertainment area for people in the Mekong Delta in general, and inhabitants in Can Tho City in particular. Hopefully, more attractive constructions like this will be built in the future.”

According to the master plan for developing tourism in Can Tho City from now to 2020, oriented to 2030, the focus of the tourism here is to exploit its strength of waterways with rural ecology. For example, Phong Dien District has 38 tourism spots attracting thousands of visitors each year.

In addition to amateur singing and the floating market, this place is famous for the huge area of strange curtain fig covering over 4,000 m², luxuriant orchards of about 6, 000 hectares and a dense river system, which has created a typical natural beauty for this outskirt. 

Mr. Nguyen Van Su, Chairman of Phong Dien People’s Committee stated, “as planned, tourism service businesses should never stop thinking about new tourism models. They should also invite more investors and create favorable conditions for them to invest in our tourism so that Phong Dien Distric will achieve its target to be an ecological town of the city in 2020.”

According to Mr. Le Minh Son, Deputy Director of Can Tho Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Can Tho City has been investing in developing a lot of projects on tourism. Among them, Au Islet (Cai Rang District) will be turned into a high level resort with various entertainment places and a golf course. Son Islet (Binh Thuy Distric) and Tan Loc Islet (Thot Not District) will be developed in the orientation of ecotourism.

Currently, the city focuses its investment in waterways tourism. In particular, ships and boats with modern services will be upgraded and produced to serve the need of trans-provincial and international tours.

Mr. Le Minh Son added, “We develop waterways tourism so as to maximize our advantages of the islets on Hau River and ecological gardens. Visitors can move through orchards in Phong Dien District, Cai Rang District, and Binh Thuy District. With waterways tours, visitors can enjoy fruits and cuisine, then stay in here if they like.”

With much effort, Can Tho City has been developing its tourism as ecotourism with high level resorts typical for the countryside waterways, with visits to cultural historical spots. This is an attractive landmark to more and more visitors.

Source: - Translated by Ngoc Diep

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