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Building and developing Can Tho's culture and people to develop comprehensively in the new period.
Date: 12/05/2024

On the morning of May 9th, at the Can Tho Party Committee's Conference Hall, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee organized a conference to summarize 10 years of implementing Resolution No. 33-NQ/TW dated June 9th, 2014 of the Central Executive Committee (11th term) "On building and developing culture, Vietnamese people meeting the requirements of sustainable national development" (referred to as Resolution No. 33). This conference is of great significance, aiming to evaluate the achieved results, existing issues, limitations, causes, lessons learned, and set forth some tasks and solutions to continue directing and effectively implementing Resolution No. 33 in the coming period.
Can Tho Party Secretary Nguyen Van Hieu speaking at the conference.

Attending the conference were Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Alternate member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of Can Tho Party Committee; Mr. Pham Van Hieu, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Can Tho City People's Council; city leaders, leaders of departments and agencies, and leaders of districts and communes.

According to the report, over the past 10 years of implementing Resolution No. 33, the cultural sector has made progress in various aspects, better meeting the increasing demand for healthy and diverse spiritual needs of the people, actively contributing to the renovation, construction, and protection of the country, as well as the construction and development of Can Tho City in the new situation. The cultural life of the people has become more abundant, traditional cultural values of the nation have been emphasized for preservation and promotion, new cultural and ethical standards are being formed and developed. Cultural and artistic products are increasingly diverse and abundant; information technology, especially mass media, has made strong developments. Many cultural movements and activities have achieved specific and practical results, promoting the cultural traditions of families, lineages, and communities. International cultural exchange and cooperation are expanding, absorbing valuable cultural products from around the world, contributing positively to the cultural life of the people and the construction and development of the "Intellect - Dynamism - Compassion - Heroism - Elegance" of Can Tho people.

From the results of implementing Resolution No. 33, the leadership role of party committees at all levels in the work of building and developing culture and humans has been demonstrated; considering this as an important, regular political task, contributing to improving the spiritual quality of the people. Emphasis is placed on propaganda, inspection, and supervision of the implementation of the resolution to enhance the awareness of party committees, departments, localities, officials, party members, and the people about the role, significance, and importance of building and developing culture and humans in Vietnam today. Focus on leadership and direction in implementing the 6 tasks mentioned in Resolution No. 33, contributing to positive transformations in various sectors, levels, localities, and people in terms of the policy of building and developing culture and humans in Vietnam to meet the requirements of sustainable development. Especially in the comprehensive development of Can Tho people, following the standards of "Intellect - Dynamism - Compassion - Heroism - Elegance" that the city is concerned about implementing, contributing to meeting the requirements of sustainable development of the city in the new phase.

The implementation of Resolution No. 33 focuses on building a healthy cultural environment and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of cultural activities in the area. It emphasizes the development of tourism, advertising, fine arts, photography, exhibitions, etc., contributing to the development of the cultural industry. Cultural foreign affairs, exchanges, and cooperation are carried out in various forms, contributing to the promotion and introduction of the image of Can Tho's land and people to friends both domestically and internationally.

In addition, the construction of culture in politics and culture in the economy is of concern to the leadership, timely and appropriate direction is given according to the conditions of each locality, agency, and unit. This contributes to building a team of officials, party members, civil servants, employees with political qualities, ethics, lifestyles, spirit, and responsibility in fulfilling their tasks. It also involves timely struggle against manifestations of ideological, political, ethical, and lifestyle degradation, manifestations of “self-evolution”, “self-transformation”.

The four groups of solutions mentioned in the Resolution are thoroughly implemented and strictly adhered to by the Party Committee and the government. State management of cultural construction and development, as well as human resources, is strengthened. The cultural system is gradually improved, and the cultural and artistic work team is matured, meeting the requirements and tasks in the new situation. Many cultural facilities are invested in construction and upgrading, contributing to timely serving cultural activities, meeting the needs and improving the spiritual life of the people.

On this occasion, 19 organizations and 5 individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the implementation of Resolution No. 33 are awarded Certificates of Commendation by the Chairman of the People's Committee.

Exemplary cultural family models are replicated in the community, cultural heritages are preserved, restored, and promoted, customs and traditions of ethnic minorities are researched, collected, and restored. Attention is given to religious activities and spiritual cultural activities of the people; the freedom of artistic creativity is respected, and international cultural exchanges and cooperation show remarkable results. It can be affirmed that these achievements are the result of the timely attention of Party committees at all levels, the direction, management of the State, coordination between levels, sectors, localities, the Fatherland Front, and political and social organizations in thoroughly grasping, implementing and organizing the implementation of Resolution No. 33.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Can Tho City Party Committee, acknowledged and praised the efforts, determination, and achievements of all levels, sectors, localities, and units in implementing Resolution No. 33.

To continue effectively implementing Resolution No. 33 in the coming time, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu suggests that Party committees at all levels, governments, the Fatherland Front, and political and social organizations thoroughly implement and strictly adhere to the Party's guidelines, policies, and relevant laws of the State regarding culture and the Vietnamese people. Emphasis should be placed on effective propaganda work, thorough implementation, innovative thinking, and raising awareness among officials, party members, the political system, and the people of the city about the importance of building and developing culture and the people in the current period.

In parallel with that, active and effective mobilization of the participation of the Fatherland Front and political-social organizations in building grassroots cultural life; continuing to promote the "People's Solidarity in Building Cultural Life" movement, closely linked with activities and movement to build advanced new rural areas and model new rural areas and civilized urban areas in the city.

Strengthening state management of culture. Enhancing coordination in the management and development of various forms of media and information on the Internet. Timely detection, struggle against, and elimination of harmful, toxic, distorted, and subversive products and information that negatively affect the stability of the political and social situation, as well as the purity of customs and traditions.

Continuing to build the people of Can Tho as "Intellect - Dynamism - Compassion - Heroism - Elegance" in the new phase; continuing to promote traditional values, combining them with modernity, reflecting the essence and unique characteristics of the people of Can Tho; focusing on enhancing moral values, lifestyles, awareness of respecting the law, pride, and honoring the cultural history of the nation. Paying attention to the construction, training, nurturing, and developing a team of leaders, managers, and consultants in the field of culture and arts.

The Secretary of the Party Committee expressed confidence that the Party committees at all levels, the government, and the people of the city will continue to uphold the tradition of unity, joint efforts, solidarity, and raise awareness and responsibility. They will continue to effectively direct and implement the work of building and developing culture and the people of Can Tho in the new phase, contributing to promoting socio-economic development, ensuring political security, social order and safety, and building and developing Can Tho City to be increasingly civilized, modern, and sustainable.

Kim Xuyen - Translated by Chi Nguyen







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