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Making hủ tiếu (rice vermicelli) in Can Tho, each vermicelli its color
Date: 19/08/2022

The hủ tiếu Sau Hoai production line at Rau Ram arroyo, Lo Vong Cung road, An Binh district, Ninh Kieu district, has already been known for its hủ tiếu pizzas for a long time. Recently, to diversify his products, Mr. Sau Hoai thinks of coloring the vermicelli with local ingredients. Instead of ivory-colored vermicelli, he makes hủ tiếu of all colors which excites the appetite by the look and attracts many visitors.
The vermicelli are colored based on vegetables without chemicals. The orange of the moths, the blue of the blue pea flowers, the green of the panda leaves, the purple of the roxburghiana leaves, the purplish pink of beetroot….make the vermicelli appetizing.

According to Mr. Sau Hoai, to make good vermicelli, the choice of rice and the mixture of flour are very important, it is his professional secret that he has been acquiring for years.

Keeping the heat moderate to make better patties is also a trick. The rice husk stove is the choice of this hủ tiếu production line.

Visitors learn how to make pancakes to dry in the sun.

Obtaining patties that are not too dry or too soft is also a professional secret.

Visitors love the colorful drying corner.

They are passionate about cutting patties to obtain vermicelli.

The young man is delighted with his product, which he shows to his friends.

Mr. Sau Hoai presents his original product to visitors. It is the combination of his talent, his creativity and the love for his family's work, after the famous hủ tiếu pizza.

The bowl of “Hủ tiếu with five colors” of Sau Hoai creates a taste of coming back to visitors. Photo: Nguyen Tin

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat

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