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Enjoy vegetarian cuisine in Can Tho city
Date: 20/09/2022

When participating in cultural and spiritual tours, visitors also tend to enjoy vegetarian cuisine. In Can Tho city, there are many vegetarian restaurants with a variety of dishes to meet the customers’ needs.
Vegan noodle soup in Hakia Garden. Photo: Kieu Mai

De Tham Street is famous in Can Tho city for its vegan restaurants. Some popular restaurants are Bach Thao (No. 86A), Cuong (No. 9), Oanh (No. 98) ... Among them, Bach Thao is known as one of the best vegan restaurants with diverse dishes, open space, and enthusiastic staff. With a rich source of ingredients and being carefully selected, the restaurant often changes dishes so that diners do not feel bored. Here, there are some not-to-be-missed dishes such as vegan bamboo shoot rice noodle soup, vegan spicy Thai rice noodle soup, vegan kimchi hot pot, mushroom hot pot, vegan broken rice, etc.

30/4 Street also has many vegetarian restaurants with diverse styles, such as Sen Vang (No. 233), Thien Duyen (No. 262), Dieu An - Vegetarian buffet (No. 517), Hy Lac (No. 231), and so on. Specifically, Thien Duyen is a long-standing vegetarian restaurant in Can Tho city. The restaurant is always crowded with hungry customers because of its cheap price and rich, delicious, clean food. The rice here is famous for being quite delicious. In particular, Thien Duyen is also very popular with many people because of its regular volunteer activities, such as distributing vegan meals, clothes, and utensils to the poor or homeless. As for Hy Lac restaurant, it is usually very crowded, especially at dusk. The dishes here are diverse, especially the soup dishes, in which the vegan vermicelli is considered the specialty of the restaurant. If customers like to choose dishes according to their preferences, Dieu An - Vegetarian Buffet will meet that need.

One of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Can Tho city is Hakia Garden (333 Tran Hung Dao, Le Binh ward, Cai Rang district). Covering an area of 1.8ha, Hakia Garden is an ideal restaurant, surrounded by a large green garden. With unique ingredients imported from Korea, and Australia together with clean ingredients in Vietnam, Hakia Garden offers a diverse menu from Asia to Europe. Its signature dishes are flower salad, Chinese-style noodle soup, young tofu, etc.

In Can Tho city, visitors can also enjoy unique vegetarian cuisine at many eateries, such as Minh Hoa - Vegan Hot Pot with Clean Vegetables (273 Nguyen Van Linh Street), Dat (170 3/2 Street), Organic Vegan Hot Pot (405/12 Nguyen Van Linh Street), Thuan Tam (60 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street), Vegan rice 33 (33 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street), Sa - Vegan Food & Drink (10-12 Hai Ba Trung Street), etc.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat

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