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Tourist destinations in Cai Rang
Date: 03/10/2023

Cai Rang District (Can Tho City) has a variety of types of tourism such as river-borne tourism, ecotourism, agritourism, cultural tourism, camping tourism, etc.
The flower garden blooms all year round at Can Tho Flower Village.

Cai Rang floating market is a not-to-be-missed attraction when traveling to Can Tho. Cai Rang floating market opens from 5am. The busiest hours start from 6am to 9am. Visitors often come here in the early morning to catch the sunrise and feel the bustling atmosphere of the market. Small local boats often approach tourist boats to sell fruit or and soft drinks. Some even offer breakfast, such as noodle soup, rice noodles. In Cai Rang Floating Market, the locals provide a wide range of products catering to their daily life. Mainly are seasonal fruits and vegetables such as durian, ananas, bananas, coconut, watermelon, cabbage, potatoes, carrots etc. Nowadays, Cai Rang Floating Market is not only a place for people to exchange goods, but also a part of Vietnamese culture. Coming here, you can learn more about the Western fluvial culture and the daily life of local people in Mekong region who stay on the boat year-around.

For those who like to experience natural space, you should visit Tam Giac Mach (Buckwheat Flower) Farm (45 Truong Vinh Nguyen Street, Thuong Thanh Ward), Ann Village (185C, near Ong Tiem Bridge, Truong Vinh Nguyen Street, Thanh My area, Thuong Thanh ward).

Tam Giac Mach (Buckwheat Flower) Farm covers an area of around 8000 square meters. Currently, the Buckwheat flower Farm is more expanded and divided into 3 areas namely the rabbit island, cornfield, and buckwheat flower farm. Buckwheat flowers are the typical feature of the farm. At Tam Giac Mach Farm, there are also many miniatures typical of the Southern countryside. Coming here, you can see many unique flowers such as pure white buckwheat flower, colorful Cosmos flower, and so on. In particular, this place also has a unique cornfield and a coriander flower garden where visitors can take beautiful photos. Another interesting zone that is popular among many tourists when visiting Tam Giac Mach Farm is the rabbit island. A small dune with green bamboo located in the middle of the lake - where rabbits freely play, has become a favorite space for families with young children. Here, the youngsters can have fun with cute rabbits like feeding and taking beautiful pictures with them. Tam Giac Mach Farm also has an archery area that attracts young people.

Meanwhile, Ann Village focuses on comfortable camping tourism - glamping. Activities here are also very diverse, such as fishing, outdoor movie night, swimming, rowing, cycling, enjoying acoustic music, dressing up like a farmer to catch fish in the ditch and harvest vegetables in the garden, and enjoying afternoon tea on the river.

Cai Rang has many beautiful hotels and resorts, such as Azerai Can Tho (Con Au islet), Can Tho Ecolodge (542 area 3, Ba Lang ward), etc. They all have beautiful green spaces with unique cultural experiences of the Western rural region. Not only can you relax in a luxurious and environmentally friendly space, but you can also embark on a journey to discover unique indigenous cultures with local people. This includes visits to gardens, and craft villages, as well as experiencing the local cuisine, etc.

Or you can have a truly local experience when staying at Hometravel Mekong Can Tho (178C Thanh My area, Thuong Thanh ward), Green Village Mekong (Phu Hung area, Phu Thu ward), Hung's Homestay (163 areas Thanh Hue area, Thuong Thanh ward)... together with the locals.

For those who like to take beautiful photos, you can visit destinations such as the Purple House (99 Nguyen Chi Sinh Street, Tan Phu Ward), Lu Gia Xeo Nhum Ecological Garden (Hong Loan Residential Area, Hung Thanh Ward), Can Tho Flower Village (Phu Thu Ward, Cai Rang District)...

For example, the Purple House is loved for its unique purple decorations, from each item to the flowers and plants. Here, many old cultural spaces and lifestyles are recreated. Can Tho Flower Village has dozens of different types of flowers, blooming all year round, suitable for tourists to take beautiful photos.

Located on the outskirts of Can Tho City, Bao Gia Trang Vien (268 Huynh Thi No, Thuong Thanh Ward) is also loved by many tourists because of its green and airy space. There are many experiences here for visitors to participate in, such as scooping ditches to catch fish, rowing basket boat, fishing or camping, and teambuilding games... In addition, this place also has a restaurant with diverse cuisine and a close-knit homestay in an open space with nature.

When visiting Bao Gia Trang Vien, you can try the farmtour at Bao Gia Farm Camping - another affiliated unit of the company not far away, to have interesting experiences in agricultural tourism.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat







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