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Delicious dishes from Phong Dien fruits
Date: 07/12/2023

Phong Dien is known for its plentiful fruit gardens, where tourists can enjoy both the scenery and the tasty dishes from fruits that leave a lasting impression.
Mangosteen salad. Photo: KIEU MAI

Exploring the scrumptious cuisine of Phong Dien is an exciting journey for tourists who are fond of local cuisine and indigenous culture. The fruit-based dishes will amaze many visitors due to their novelty and uniqueness. Specialties made from fruits including mangosteen, Burmese grape, rambutan, and durian are extensively used in creating these unique dishes. Moreover, these dishes will surprise visitors from the name to the taste. Due to their uniqueness, many delicious dishes have been created using fruit, such as braised chicken with Ha Chau Burmese grape, ranked in the Top 100 Vietnamese specialty dishes (2021-2022). Recently, the mangosteen salad has also caused a stir on social media.

It is challenging to determine the origin of each tasty dish in Phong Dien since the gardeners there can prepare countless dishes using vegetables and fruits grown around their homes. They also tend to pass on the secrets to making these delicious dishes. As a result, when visiting Phong Dien, one can easily find typical dishes like braised chicken with Ha Chau Burmese grape or mangosteen salad in tourist gardens and tourist sites. Several beautiful tourist gardens offer these unique delicacies, such as Lung Cot Cau tourist area (Nhon Thanh hamlet, Nhon Nghia commune), Giao Duong eco-tourism garden (159 Nhon Loc 1, Phong Dien Town), and Ut Dzach (509 Provincial road 61B, Nhon Binh hamlet, Nhon Ai commune). These delicious dishes are made with fresh fruits picked from home gardens and processed on the spot so visitors can enjoy them in the beautiful green garden surroundings.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat







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