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Tourism promoted through cinema
Date: 17/03/2024

Developing tourism from the film industry is not a new concept and there is still a lot of room for development, especially in Vietnam, a country with a rich cultural and historical tradition.
People enjoy discovering the beauty of Dinh Yen communal house and the film set of the movie “Face Off 6: The Ticket of Destiny”.

The upcoming event “Cinema with Phu Yen” has excited many people as the event aims to promote unique destinations and attract both domestic and international film crews to Phu Yen. Phu Yen has become a popular location for many movie projects due to the beautiful and poetic natural scenery captured in the movie "Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass."

The highlight of the event is the International conference “Filmmaking environmental index set associated with economic and social development from the reality of Phu Yen Province”. This is the first time that the Production Attraction Index (PAI) developed by the Vietnam Cinema Development Association will be announced and piloted in Vietnam. Additionally, the website of the Vietnam Cinema Development Promotion Association, jointly developed by Baker and McKenzie Vietnam International Law Firm, was officially launched. Thereby, for the first time, the filmmaking “ecosystem” in Vietnam is formally introduced so that international and Vietnamese filmmakers and studios can find a common voice and move forward with effective filmmaking cooperation projects.

The potential for tourism development from the effects of cinema projects in Vietnam is abundant. For example, Ninh Binh has included the film studio "Kong" in the list of the Province’s famous tourist attractions. Also, after the success of the movie "Face Off 6: The Ticket of Destiny," the filming location recreating the mat-making village at Dinh Yen communal house (Lap Vo, Dong Thap) was built by the locality as a tourist attraction. The interactions between producer Ly Hai and the film crew created a positive effect. Another example is the main studio with majestic scenes from the movie "Southern Forest Land" at Tra Su Melaleuca forest (An Giang), which is a popular place for tourists to visit and check in.

From the above examples, it can be seen that taking advantage of the influence of cinema has contributed to promoting many tourism activities and services and enriching the choices of tourists. At the same time, it has shown the close cooperation among the units to utilize the available resources in the development journey, towards the construction of the film industry and tourism development. Thanks to cinema, many destinations have become famous, attracting tourists from around the world. The film-based tourism model has affected the public's curiosity through images of destinations (film sets, natural landscapes, relic sites, etc.).

Can Tho tourism benefits significantly from cinema. The Orchid Garden Ancient House, located in the Binh Thuy district, is a prime example of this. Previously unnoticed, the house gained popularity after being featured in various famous domestic and international films such as "The Lover", "Tay Do Beauty", and "The Hundred-Knot Bamboo Tree". Today, many people visit the hundred-year-old house to explore its stories and backgrounds and to see the place that was once used as a film location.

Experts believe that Vietnam has immense potential to promote tourism through cinema. The country's favorable climate and geographical location, rich cultural heritage, historical monuments, and unique landmarks make it an ideal location for film production. If utilized properly, cinema can not only be an effective tourism promotion channel but also has the potential to become a popular form of tourism for tourists. The success stories of other countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and Japan should serve as a motivation for professionals and managers to exploit this method, thus strengthening the film industry in Vietnam even further.

Source: Can Tho News - Translated by Hoang Dat







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